What's Legal and Not In Las Vegas

By Chris Linch

Las Vegas, Nevada is the party headquarters of the USA. It is also known as Sin City because of its never sleep policy. Drinking and gambling are offered around the clock. Local law enforcement is kept busy catching drunk drivers. If you are caught drinking and driving, contact a local Attorney that specializes in DUI's to handle the situation.

Las Vegas visitors often consume enough alcohol to make themselves sick. It is served all day and night. It is easy to get drunk. People need to drink responsibly and designate a driver or take a cab instead of getting behind the wheel themselves.

Many law's are believed to not exist in Las Vegas. People tend to act different than they do at home thinking it will be acceptable. Vegas's laws are much like anywhere else's in the US. Law enforcement will cite you for "pubic drunkenness". This will put a damper on you good time vacation.

Drinking diminishes ones inhibitions, and loosens judgment. Women need to be particularly careful in this situation. Many predator's will seem charming. This leads to a high incidence of sexual assault and rape. The victims are usually robbed for their valuables as well. The police have a hard time catching these criminals, because an intoxicated witness is not a very good witness.

While enjoying all Las Vegas has to offer, remember, to obey the law. Drink in a responsible manner. Follow the laws, as if you were at home.

The point here is to be wise when you travel to Las Vegas. We know it is known as sin city, and that what goes there stays there, but you don't want to be the one staying there because you have broken the law. We also don't want you to come home broke because you spent all your money being stupid gambling or breaking the law. Keep a good sense of those around you and make sure you are doing what a good citizen would do even if you are having fun doing it. - 30230

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