Traveling in Luxury In The Next Year

By Chris Linch

A recent survey of both travelers and travel professionals named everything from niche luxury cruises to personalized adventure travel in undiscovered regions as their predictions for luxury travel trends in 2010.

The current economic setting has made bargain hunting a top priority amongst travelers. Luxury hotel and tour operators can no longer rely solely on concept and branding to draw customers, and instead must demonstrate why it's worth paying a bit more for an extraordinary experience.

It is expected that a proficient travel advisor can provide the best available services in the top vacation destinations around the world, because travelers are seeking the optimal price/quality balance when selecting a luxury vacation.

Luxury adventure travel is on the rise. Consumers can now enjoy a growing selection of activities in top vacation destinations such as Cape Town, Provence, Tuscany, and New York.

The year 2010 will see a continued rise of intimate, sustainable villa resorts developing in eco-friendly destinations as the demand for eco-luxury travel continues. Green travel promises exciting adventures for the conscientious traveler.

If you want to travel in style then you need to find out what the trends are for the time you are traveling. You can really save over the next years on some fantastic luxury hotels and more due to the fact that the economy has driven hotel prices way down. Hotel prices are down 10% on average and are actually still falling as people try to fill those empty hotel rooms. Just search discount hotel sites to find the best deals on some of those hotels you never thought you would stay in. I travel all over the world and I stay in all kinds of nice hotels. I have noticed that as of late it is much cheaper to stay in those hotels than it ever was. Now is the time to get on board and start traveling like a movie star while you can still find the cheap rates. - 30230

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