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By Chris Linch

The Phoenix Hotel is a quality hotel with a great location, it is rated as a two-star establishment but well know for the high level of service. The hotel focuses on the budget travelers, those looking for the best value for their money. This hotel is the optimum choice for the traveler seeking low prices, a laid back establishment, a convenient location and more.

The hotel provides ample space to ensure the guests will be very comfortable, although there is not an over abundance of space. The restaurant located on the premises offers a wide variety of cuisine, such as Asian, Italian, English and others. In addition, there is a hotel bar for relaxing and a wide variety of wines and beverages to choose from. There is also an indoor swimming poll that is restricted to guests only.

The hotel is well known for the great services it provides, some that are available to the guests includes transfers to and from the airport, wireless internet access from most rooms, security for your valuables, and many others. For further relaxation and enjoyment, spa services and housekeeping support are provided. If you don't have a computer and need to rent one, that is available also.

Thirty three beautiful rooms are available and designed to ensure the comfort of their guests. The economy rooms include just the very basic essentials which are cable television, private telephone, private bathroom, heat, and air conditioning. The average price for a single room is no more than 1600 pesos, and the cost for VIP rooms does not exceed 2000 pesos. The VIP rooms provide additional space for comfort and relaxation.

Guests at the Phoenix Hotel are offered support services in planning their leisure activities if they are interested. The Hotel arranges walking tours of the local area, golf outings, trekking trips to Mount Pinatubo, or even a day of hiking in the mountains. Since the hotel is located in the heart of the area, walking to local attractions is very easy, guests enjoy easy access to restaurants, bars, shopping, or other activities of their choosing.

One could say the Phoenix Hotel has it all, from comfortable rooms to great low rates, a prime location, and top notch service, they are a place of choice for guests to stay. The accommodations provided by the hotel are safe and secure, very well maintained, and a great place for guests to spend their next night away from home. - 30230

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