Rent The Car Of Your Dreams in Las Vegas

By Chris Linch

Once you have decided to jazz up your Las Vegas trip by renting an exotic sports car, you have to decide what to do to make this happen. You really want to drive one of these sporty models but they seem to be too expensive for your budget. Don't worry, take some time to check out different rental agencies and soon you will be driving your dream car without going broke.

While you are making your hotel reservations, check out the hotel's offer regarding car rentals. Everyone wants to go to Las Vegas since it is such a popular fun spot, so there are a lot of deals available. From cheap flights, hotel rooms and VIP club registrations, a quick Google search will provide you with a lot of offers. The same holds true for car rentals. Be careful in making your decision and you can spend the money you save on the car rental at the casino.

You can find websites, such as Expedia, on the Internet that will help you find the deal you need. If you are looking for something extraordinary, you won't find it cheaply. You should be thinking of spending something close to $900. Package deals, available in a variety of themes (executive, wedding...), are generally cheaper. Sometimes the deal is better over a longer time, so find out if it is beneficial to add an extra day. When you are researching your options ask all the questions you need. Know your budget and stick to it. Tell your travel agent this amount at the beginning so s/he can work within it. As long as you are realistic, not expecting something like a Bentley for $200, you can get the vacation you want at the price you want to pay.

If you chat up your dealer you might be able to get the price dropped by a few dollars, but not by a lot. Charm is important but in the end, the bottom line is what is important. Tell you dealer why you are in Vegas. The dealer ultimately wants you to rent from them. The better they know you and the more they like you, the more willing they are to work with you. Business people love to haggle. In the end, business people know that a happy customer is a return customer and will tell their friends good stuff about the business.

You will enjoy your holiday, driving an exotic car,knowing you got a great deal and saved money. Driving a hot car, the one you wanted, and still having money to spend will make your Vegas holiday so much more fun. Imagine driving a Lamborghini or a Ferrari on the streets of Las Vega knowing you got a great deal on the rental. There is no reason to spend money if you don't need to. Your holiday is your reward for working hard and you deserve to drive the vehicle of your choice. - 30230

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