Finding The Best Carpet Cleaning Company

By Joanne Anderson

Many Carpet Cleaning companies have natural products and equipment that provide excellent cleaning results. These companies are often the first choice for individuals who are concerned about the impact of chemicals on the environment.

The companies that use non-toxic products and equipment that does not have a negative impact on the environment are considered eco-friendly. The companies work very hard to ensure that their provide the required services and quality without creating damage to the members of a household or the environment.

Until the past few years many of the chemical that were used for Carpet Cleaning were very toxic and produced severe reactions in individuals who had a sensitivity to these chemicals. The threads of a carpet were worn more quickly when these chemicals were used regularly on them as well.

People suffering from auto-immune deficiencies often have very severe reactions to many chemicals used to clean carpets. As the incidence of auto-immune deficiency has risen throughout the world many Carpet Cleaning companies have begun to invest in products and equipment that is less toxic yet provides the same quality of cleanliness that the harsher chemicals do.

Using biological products instead of chemical based products allows Carpet Cleaning companies to provide the same high level of service to their customers without taking the risk of causing illness to a homes inhabitants. Biological cleaners do not cause damage to the carpets that the more harsh chemicals do.

Using products that are environmentally friendly allows Carpet Cleaning companies the ability to service a diverse population that may not have been able to use their services before. These products can include orange extracts and other plant combinations that leave a carpet clean and smelling fresh.

In a busy home there are often spills that take place on a carpet in between Carpet Cleaning. In order to address these small spills and avoid severe staining of the carpet fabric there are many natural products that can be used that will be effective.

When individuals choose natural methods to spot clean carpets they usually find that they already have the necessary ingredients on hand. For wine stains on a carpet, blotting the area from the outer rim inwards with club soda will remove most of the stain. By following this with a mild detergent and water solution the stain can be removed.

Removing pet odor and stains can often be difficult because they are discovered after the accident has occurred. By using a solution of white vinegar and water and blotting these stains and the odor is removed. When the stain has had time to set by including baking soda the stain can be further eliminated.

Pouring salt on a wet spot on a carpet will cause the liquid to be absorbed in the salt and, after drying, the salt can be vacuumed up. If there is a residual stain left one can use the vinegar and water solution to blot the area and remove any staining that has been left.

For stubborn stains one is often tempted to scrub a carpet with detergent. However scrubbing or rubbing a stain on a carpet can embed the stain in the fibers of the carpet and make it very difficult to remove. It is very important that for stubborn stains one blot the area from the outer edge of the stain to the center and not rub the area.

In some instances it will be necessary to have a Carpet Cleaning company come and do an early cleaning of the home carpet. The company will have more products and equipment available to remove tough stains and in some cases this is the only alternative for stains that resist removal using regular home products. - 30230

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