Loving Your Las Vegas Vacation

By Cindy Ropeworm

With over 25000 conventions annually chances are pretty good that you'll find yourself in Las Vegas this year. This city offers so much more than neon dice the Liberace Museum and the Rat Pack. Because there is so much to do you can easily turn your work trip into a Las Vegas vacation. While you'll probably spend a lot of time in the casinos you can take a break by investigating the many other fantastic attractions. Your whole family can enjoy your Las Vegas vacation.

Las Vegas is known as a playground for adults. Even so many hotels have developed features with the whole family in mind. Hours of entertainment can be found at The Lion Habitat at the MGM Grand or the Circus Circus Midway. You'll have fun at the Magic and Movie Hall of Fame and the Lied Discovery Children's Museum. A great time will be had by your kids on your Las Vegas vacation.

Las Vegas is a great place for auto enthusiasts. Make sure you visit the Imperial Palace Auto Collection to see all the fantastic antique cars. The Las Vegas Motor Speedway attracts people from all over the world. It features shows in the Neon Garage and events on all their tracks. You can even take a track tour! Instead of renting a boring sedan try out Rent-A-Vette Exotic Cars. Try out a convertible Corvette or an Astin Martin to spice up your Las Vegas Vacation. Driving down the Strip or touring the desert will be a lot more fun.

Las Vegas used to be a frontier outpost which most people forget. The modern West still retains this history. Journey from prehistoric times through to the modern desert at the Las Vegas Natural History Museum. Experience the desert through a Cowboy Trail Ride to get a real taste of the West without the neon. A great way to spend the day on your Las Vegas vacation is to try out mother nature's answer to the Strip. You'll be left breathless by a drive through the Red Rock Canyon Natural Conservation Area.

Historically Las Vegas has been a perfect spot for a destination wedding. Tasteful wedding chapels can be found in many hotels. Special packages for the whole wedding party are offered by many independent chapels. Unusual themed weddings can be found as well. A serenade by an impersonator and special "Elvis vows" are the specialty of the Elvis Chapel. The theme wedding of your dreams can be yours at the Viva Las Vegas wedding chapel. Prior to the nuptials the bachelor and bachelorette parties can find plenty of activities. Your wedding can become a dream Las Vegas vacation for all your friends and family.

Las Vegas has become a serious golf destination with over 35 golf courses. With the internet checking out the courses and booking tee times is easy. If you want to arrive ready to go this is a pretty good idea. The gals can hit the spas while the guys are golfing. Outstanding spa services that put you in the lap of luxury are offered at most hotels. While on your Las Vegas vacation this is a great way to pamper yourself. Everyone can have a great time at the many hotels that offer both golf and spa services.

With so much to do it will take more than one Las Vegas vacation to see it all. Hit the casinos but make sure to experience the other attractions too. You could spend the whole time checking out all the phenomenal hotels. Bring the whole family because there are plenty of things to do with your kids. Get married visit the Old West spend time with your family or play golf on your Las Vegas vacation. - 30230

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Car Insurance Guide for the US state of Nevada

By Teri Harvey

Sorting out your auto insurance is an expensive, but necessary, annual expense for most of us.

Many of us that decide to take out that cheap car insurance option will, in the event of making a claim, feel let down by the insurance company somewhat. If you have you ever had to make a claim against your insurance then you may agree with what I'm saying - I bet some of you will have had to chase the insurance company to get things sorted out, alot of you will maybe have had a game of tug-of-war with the insurer about the costs of the claim, and I would risk a fair stack of chips (we are in Las Vegas after all!) on most having found it stressful.

In its annual report of 2008, The National Association of Insurance Commissioners report revealed that the average premium per vehicle in Nevada state was $1,137 annually, whilst passenger car insurance for the remaining states was significantly less at only $937 per vehicle.

Since car insurance is more expensive for those of us who happen to live in Las Vegas or somewhere else in Nevada, we need to make sure we get a good deal for our money.

To get yourself a decent policy and also to get a good deal for their money, you must take care and purchase an auto insurance policy that makes sense and value for you. A good policy is one that both meets your minimum liability as a road user and also provides other levels of cover that you require without quibbles or problems from the insurance company should you need to make a claim.

Bodily injury and property damage cover can be purchased as what is known as split-limit cover or combined single-limit cover. If you choose to pay for a combined single limit, then the figures for property damage and bodily injury are combined ie. $40,000 is the minimum (required under Nevada law) combined single limit for all property damage and bodily injury.

Comprehensive and collision cover are not strictly required by law in Las Vegas, under Nevada law but you may find that it is offered to you by your insurer. It is also not available in some cases where the condition of the vehicle or the age of the driver would prohibit the costs required ie. the person is of minimum age or the vehicle is almost worthless

You are not required to carry medical payments or uninsured/under-insured motorist cover, but all insurance companies are required by law to offer you medical payments cover of at least $1000 and uninsured/under-insured motorist cover at an amount equal to your bodily injury cover.

If you are planning on a car lease in Las Vegas or elsewhere in Nevada, then we would advise you to check your lease agreement carefully since they commonly require that you have a liability cover of $100,000 per person, $300,000 per accident and possibly a damage cover over the lower limit of $10,000. These are minimum auto insurance requirements for Las Vegas and the state of Nevada as a whole. - 30230

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Las Vegas Child Custody Lawyer

By Stephen Daniels

Child custody cases are difficult, expensive and emotional, both for clients and their lawyers. Child custody lawyers should be experienced enough, compassionate enough, and tough enough to either negotiate or litigate the easiest as well as the most complex in contentious custody cases that are pursued in Las Vegas, Nevada. Mullins Law Firm for over twenty (20) years has proven it can efficiently and aggressively handle these complex cases on behalf of their clients.

Child custody law in Nevada has undergone dramatic changes as a result of legislative and Nevada Supreme Court decisions.

* There is no longer a tender years doctrine. Mothers are no longer automatically preferred custodians, but have to prove their fitness just as fathers do.

* Nevada law has changed to favor joint legal and joint physical custody arrangements between parents, where the parents have an equal role in child rearing after divorce or separation.

* Non-custodial parents no longer have to settle for a simple every other weekend schedule. Parents are being required to alternate weeks, or divide the weeks equally, unless they can prove why joint physical custody is not in the best interest of their children.

* Las Vegas Child Custody lawyers have to be sharp enough to quickly analyze the given facts to advise their clients about whether to settle for joint physical custody or fight for primary custody. A recent Supreme Court decision has determined a parent having 40% of custody time qualifies as a joint physical custodian.

* Based upon the decision between primary custody and joint physical custody, parents have to deal with changing legal standards. And their decision impacts the amount child support, relocation issues, where the child attends school, tax deductions and other important parenting issues.

* Parents no longer have to have "equal time" to be considered joint physical custodians.

* Complex factors have to be presented to the Court to facilitate a wise decision to serve the best interest of the children, while not destroying the family.

For instance the "best interests of the child" standard is still the paramount consideration of the Court in Las Vegas Child Custody cases; but sometimes the best interests of the child conflict with a parent's best interests. If the parents share legal and physical custody jointly, there is still child support to be paid by the parent who earns more than the other. The relocation to another state standards change based upon whether the parents share joint physical custody or whether the moving party has primary physical custody. In Potter v. Potter the Nevada Supreme Court decided to make it extremely difficult for a joint physical custodian to relocate to another state without parental consent. With primary physical custody, a parent can more easily relocate.

Custody lawyers need to know how to advise clients and present custody cases to the Court to help their clients prevail. They should know the nuances in the law, and the individual preferences of the judges on how cases should be handled and presented. Joint physical custody is easier to get, but it impacts child support and even school issues. Parents sharing physical custody who do not live in the same area of Las Vegas often cannot decide which school the child should attend.

The Nevada Supreme Court in the Rivero v. Rivero decision has further complicated the distinctions drawn between primary and joint physical custodians. Child custody lawyers unfamiliar with the nuances of these recent changes in the law can make litigating a family court case difficult for all parties involved. At Mullins Law Firm we emphasize making sure our clients are informed, and that our cases are prepared, so as to ensure the best chances of serving the children's best interests, be it through settlement or litigation. - 30230

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Finding The Best Carpet Cleaning Company

By Joanne Anderson

Many Carpet Cleaning companies have natural products and equipment that provide excellent cleaning results. These companies are often the first choice for individuals who are concerned about the impact of chemicals on the environment.

The companies that use non-toxic products and equipment that does not have a negative impact on the environment are considered eco-friendly. The companies work very hard to ensure that their provide the required services and quality without creating damage to the members of a household or the environment.

Until the past few years many of the chemical that were used for Carpet Cleaning were very toxic and produced severe reactions in individuals who had a sensitivity to these chemicals. The threads of a carpet were worn more quickly when these chemicals were used regularly on them as well.

People suffering from auto-immune deficiencies often have very severe reactions to many chemicals used to clean carpets. As the incidence of auto-immune deficiency has risen throughout the world many Carpet Cleaning companies have begun to invest in products and equipment that is less toxic yet provides the same quality of cleanliness that the harsher chemicals do.

Using biological products instead of chemical based products allows Carpet Cleaning companies to provide the same high level of service to their customers without taking the risk of causing illness to a homes inhabitants. Biological cleaners do not cause damage to the carpets that the more harsh chemicals do.

Using products that are environmentally friendly allows Carpet Cleaning companies the ability to service a diverse population that may not have been able to use their services before. These products can include orange extracts and other plant combinations that leave a carpet clean and smelling fresh.

In a busy home there are often spills that take place on a carpet in between Carpet Cleaning. In order to address these small spills and avoid severe staining of the carpet fabric there are many natural products that can be used that will be effective.

When individuals choose natural methods to spot clean carpets they usually find that they already have the necessary ingredients on hand. For wine stains on a carpet, blotting the area from the outer rim inwards with club soda will remove most of the stain. By following this with a mild detergent and water solution the stain can be removed.

Removing pet odor and stains can often be difficult because they are discovered after the accident has occurred. By using a solution of white vinegar and water and blotting these stains and the odor is removed. When the stain has had time to set by including baking soda the stain can be further eliminated.

Pouring salt on a wet spot on a carpet will cause the liquid to be absorbed in the salt and, after drying, the salt can be vacuumed up. If there is a residual stain left one can use the vinegar and water solution to blot the area and remove any staining that has been left.

For stubborn stains one is often tempted to scrub a carpet with detergent. However scrubbing or rubbing a stain on a carpet can embed the stain in the fibers of the carpet and make it very difficult to remove. It is very important that for stubborn stains one blot the area from the outer edge of the stain to the center and not rub the area.

In some instances it will be necessary to have a Carpet Cleaning company come and do an early cleaning of the home carpet. The company will have more products and equipment available to remove tough stains and in some cases this is the only alternative for stains that resist removal using regular home products. - 30230

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The Attractions That Are In Las Vegas

By Chris Linch

Las Vegas links to attractive neighborhoods like, Red Rock, anthem and Southern Highlands which offer spectacular parks, educational institutes, libraries and other recreational activities who come to find themselves permanent abodes in the city. Las Vegas is fast revamping its stature to emerge as a transition city and welcomes around seven thousand people every month.

One of the most lucrative attractions of the Las Vegas that attracts many towards making it their home city is the diversified options and opportunities related to the job market in varying industries. Las Vegas offers a lot of state-of-the-art amenities and various facilities that add to a better quality of life. These amenities range from professional services, grocery stores, medical institutions to the best restaurants and dining option in the world.Moving fast on the way to progress this city is generating more employment options than the rest of the cities in America.

Another attraction of Las Vegas is the quality of life, which is a major draw along with affordable housing.It offers a complete solution to living a life and includes; schools, shopping centers, play areas and access to major freeways.This city provides the apt opportunities for all ages and races. It has master planned communities with tolerant inhabitants and engaging recreational activities like golf communities.

Las Vegas is the most populated city in Clark County and is experiencing non-stop growth since the previous three decades. In general the city is warm and welcoming, with affordable medical, utilities and services.The can do approach of the city allow new comers to launch their businesses without hurdles. Not only does it offer the best of lifestyle options in relatively lower prices, but also has low tax rates and enhanced efficiency which is well supported by the local and central government.

However, moving to a new place is not an easy task. From the delicate china to the stack of everyday pots and pans and clothes and accessories; all has to be packed, secured, delivered and then unpacked and redecorated all over again. This demands planning, organizing and dwelling into crucial issues of finances, payment settlements and much more. These activities are not hectic but exhaustive as well Even the simple task of packing is enough to make one scream out of frustration.

There are many efficient service providers who take care of one's relocation process and are skilled in making the task prompt and secure. A logic-based approach that can provide solution to this chaotic process is, hiring the services of professionals to help with the clutter of relocation. These movers can be contacted to delegate the task of relocation and easing oneself from the stressing jobs of moving to a new place. - 30230

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Las Vegas Shows and Life Style

By Andy Cotter

Anyone who goes to Las Vegas will be amazed at the number of shows on and off the strip. It seems that almost every hotel has some sort of show, many of them with big name stars. The shows in Vegas are one of the calling cards of this city that boasts of being the most fabulous city in the world.

There are a lot of different choices of shows as you would expect and a wide variety of prices as well. The big name entertainers will cost you the most to see while the lesser-known acts are more reasonable. You have everything to choose from including magicians, hypnotists, singers, comedians and much more.

Some of the high end shows are quite breathtaking and productions of this magnitude can only be seen in a place like Las Vegas. For instance, the Blue Man Group does put on shows from time to time in other cities but nothing can compare to the show they put on at their home stage in Vegas. Everything is bigger and better in Vegas and the shows are no different.

The ultimate in Las Vegas entertainment is the Cirque du Soleil. Its an experience of a lifetime that will leave you in awe of the performers ability to take you into their world and temporarily be part of it. Walking into the theatre alone is an experience you will never forget. If you want light entertainment, there are several comedy shows that can tickle your fancy. You can choose from a number of veteran stand-up comics or you can go to several clubs that host improvisation comedy.

If you want light entertainment, there are several comedy shows that can tickle your fancy. You can choose from a number of veteran stand-up comics or you can go to several clubs that host improv comedy.

Tourists go to Las Vegas with money to splurge. They are there to enjoy themselves and take some time off their everyday routines. And Las Vegas is more than willing to give them just that, with shows that are out of the ordinary and glamorous at the same time. These shows can be fillers in between nights of gambling or it can be the highlight of their visit. - 30230

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What Shows Are Good in Las Vegas

By Chris Linch

Cirque du Soleil's Mystere show is like being awake during one of your most bizarre and with wonderful dreams, and it's my favorite show..

It begins with some classic entertainment. Two clowns come out and play tricks on each other before the audience. The show starts off with a very light hearted note and helps to pass the time and while the audience is being seated, and if either of these jokers tries to direct you to your seat, hold on your tickets or it may remember where you are actually seated for they will take you on a wild goose chase.

The real magic and the show starts. The music so beautiful and haunting that you will be absolutely mesmerized, and there are acrobats and bicyclists also. There is always something to see, which would be interesting and no matter in which direction you look. You can also see athletic skill unlike anything you have ever experienced and the sets and costumes are breath-taking and beautiful.

Sometimes the whole thing seems like some surreal dream or like that you have just stepped into the mind of Salvadore Dali. There are graceful ballerinas, gigantic Snails, dashing heroes and total buffoons. Half of the time you will be mesmerized and the other half you will be laughing yourself silly, as the clowns distract you from the ever changing scene changes that happen right in front of your eyes.

Make this one of your first. If you have never seen a Cirque du Soleil show before. If you have seen the others, this one is still worth going to. It is not the Beatlemania of Love but instead it seems to be the perfect cameo of what a Cirque show men. I love this show because, it is still a big production, and has a wonderful sense. It is like that if you are being privy to a private show into a magical world.

All of the Cirque shows, this could be the most appropriate if you bring your children, also. The mystical quality is one that it will enchant them and yet it's not a "kids show." Their performances are all of the top quality and the experiences is the one that can be definitely be appreciated by all. - 30230

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The Story Of My Trip To Vegas

By Chris Linch

Las Vegas was one city that I had always longed to visit and we finally managed to get there in the early months of this year after almost a decade and a half. We were really floored by the grandeur of the city.I must say that Las Vegas is city worth visiting and if you have not been there, a tour of this city is a must.

We had gone to Las Vegas during the Great Recession period and so am not really very certain that we got to see this city in its actual appearance. There were not many shops opened in most of the hotels and even the ones which were open had very few customers. We got our room for a good bargain and resided at Mandalay Bay which was a bit away from the city.

The conveyance to the Pyramid Hotel and Excalibur is extremely simple and helps you to get to New York speedily. I really enjoyed every hotel I visited. The shops,restaurants,shows and gambling dens were all resplendent. Being a non smoker I detested all the smokiness and was quite suffocating. I expected more air circulation in these places.

Our visit to the out skirts of the city began with a tour to the Hoover Dam. The sight seeing of this dam took up so much of our time that all our plans of visiting the Grand Canyon went completely hay wire.One thing that I have decided is that if we come to Las Vegas on another visit ,I will ensure that I have one more day to conduct a tour of the Grand Canyon.

We enjoyed window shopping which we did more than actually buying things. Quite frankly it would have been no big task to spend a lot of money on the goods for sale. There were many shops that stocked wares that cost twenty thousand dollars or more. But what really caught our fancy was the movie blogs with bona fide signatures of actors. I nearly purchased a poster of this sort but changed my mind as i felt that I could use that money for some thing else. - 30230

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How To Get Discount Air Fare To Las Vegas

By Chris Linch

We can find many options where we can try searching for discounted airfares to Las Vegas. It is not prudent to come up with several thousands of these type of options. Instead, it is best to start searching online with sites that we are familiar with. Simply put - try entering the key words discount airfare: Las Vegas and there is no doubt that you will end up getting a list of thousands of websites on your search engine.

Depending on your familiarity with these travel sites, you will come across the sites that often have the best deals in the middle of the week rather than having some deals on the weekends. Additionally, these sites may also provide additional services. Its a well known fact now, that if you combine everything in a package, it turns out to be a cheaper deal. A typical example is mixing airfare with hotels and car rental offers. Moreover, if you are lucky to be a couple then some sites and travel agents will be more than happy to give you some more additional discounts.

It is best to decide well in advance about our possible travel dates. Generally, the best deals tend to be available during the weekdays of Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday because of the lesser traffic. We might also find excellent deals on certain sites that offer great deals for a particular day of a week. A great place that one can rely online is lastminutetraveldeals.com which can help us with good deals if we have to travel without adequate preparation time.

A good traveler will most likely start his/her search at least a few months in advance to get the best possible deals. Generally what happens is, the closer you get to the exact traveling date the costlier it becomes. Moreover, because the rooms and flight availability is less, these travel agencies tend to charge higher for the same options which were earlier available in a cheaper deal.

In addition to finding the best possible discount airfare deals on the various websites online, it makes sense to give a shot to our local newspapers as well. There are select travel agents and companies who tent to offer a good deal for local newspaper readers as well. These deals can be as low as $169 per person for hotel and airfare combined.

The next step after getting an excellent deal for your Las Vegas trip is to invest some money in getting the right kind of travel insurance. This is particularly true if you are booking in advance. This kind of insurance can be a big help if we end up having problems just minutes before the flight. That ways, we won't be losing any money. We might also want to consider the hidden costs which are not readily seen on the travel websites. These can be in terms of taxes, service charges, etc. - 30230

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Reasons To Stay at the Venetian Hotel

By Chris Linch

Now standing in place of the former Sands Hotel is the new Venetian Hotel. With over 4000 rooms, the Venetian offers its guests unique dining, shopping, a spa, entertainment, art, and complete relaxation. A top casino located on the famous Las Vegas Blvd. South, the Venetian is the perfect place for a holiday.

Guests at the Venetian Hotel enjoy large beds, sofas, marble entrances, detailed moldings and railings. In addition, each room has huge marble baths, phone, television, and sunken living rooms. Guests can also enjoy a mini bar, fax facilities, and private gaming table/chairs.

The Venetian Hotel offers many amenities for its patrons' comfort, such as 24-hour security, safety deposit facilities, maid service, concierge, valet parking, ATM machines, staff translators, wake-up services, and laundry/dry cleaning facilities.

The Venetian is an ideal place for those who like to gamble, boasting over 2000 video games and slot machines, over 122 gambling tables ranging in games from Craps to Mini Baccarat, and betting in all sports.

Whether it's musicals, rock 'n' roll bands, dances, or musicals you enjoy, the Venetian offers them all in their newly opened live theater. Shows come in from all over the world, including London, New York, Toronto, and other theatrical capitals. The entertainment is sure to please guests of all ages and tastes.

The Grand Canal in the Venetian offers a unique experience for its guests. Ride the gondola and admire the streets lined with stores and cafes resembling Venice. Visit the Guggenheim Hermitage museum with collections from famous museums in New York and St. Petersburg. And finally, top off the trip with a visit to Madame Tussauds Wax Gallery, where one can see wax figurines of American icons such as Tom Jones, Elvis Presley, and Frank Sinatra.

This hotel is one of the most beautiful in Las Vegas. Every time I go even if I don't stay there I at least have to stop in for a visit. If you want to truly have a romantic trip to Las Vegas there is no better hotel to visit that this one. Check it out online for yourself this is one beautiful place to stay, like a little Italy in the middle of the Disney world for adults. - 30230

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Information On The Phoneix Hotel

By Chris Linch

The Phoenix Hotel is a quality hotel with a great location, it is rated as a two-star establishment but well know for the high level of service. The hotel focuses on the budget travelers, those looking for the best value for their money. This hotel is the optimum choice for the traveler seeking low prices, a laid back establishment, a convenient location and more.

The hotel provides ample space to ensure the guests will be very comfortable, although there is not an over abundance of space. The restaurant located on the premises offers a wide variety of cuisine, such as Asian, Italian, English and others. In addition, there is a hotel bar for relaxing and a wide variety of wines and beverages to choose from. There is also an indoor swimming poll that is restricted to guests only.

The hotel is well known for the great services it provides, some that are available to the guests includes transfers to and from the airport, wireless internet access from most rooms, security for your valuables, and many others. For further relaxation and enjoyment, spa services and housekeeping support are provided. If you don't have a computer and need to rent one, that is available also.

Thirty three beautiful rooms are available and designed to ensure the comfort of their guests. The economy rooms include just the very basic essentials which are cable television, private telephone, private bathroom, heat, and air conditioning. The average price for a single room is no more than 1600 pesos, and the cost for VIP rooms does not exceed 2000 pesos. The VIP rooms provide additional space for comfort and relaxation.

Guests at the Phoenix Hotel are offered support services in planning their leisure activities if they are interested. The Hotel arranges walking tours of the local area, golf outings, trekking trips to Mount Pinatubo, or even a day of hiking in the mountains. Since the hotel is located in the heart of the area, walking to local attractions is very easy, guests enjoy easy access to restaurants, bars, shopping, or other activities of their choosing.

One could say the Phoenix Hotel has it all, from comfortable rooms to great low rates, a prime location, and top notch service, they are a place of choice for guests to stay. The accommodations provided by the hotel are safe and secure, very well maintained, and a great place for guests to spend their next night away from home. - 30230

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Rent The Car Of Your Dreams in Las Vegas

By Chris Linch

Once you have decided to jazz up your Las Vegas trip by renting an exotic sports car, you have to decide what to do to make this happen. You really want to drive one of these sporty models but they seem to be too expensive for your budget. Don't worry, take some time to check out different rental agencies and soon you will be driving your dream car without going broke.

While you are making your hotel reservations, check out the hotel's offer regarding car rentals. Everyone wants to go to Las Vegas since it is such a popular fun spot, so there are a lot of deals available. From cheap flights, hotel rooms and VIP club registrations, a quick Google search will provide you with a lot of offers. The same holds true for car rentals. Be careful in making your decision and you can spend the money you save on the car rental at the casino.

You can find websites, such as Expedia, on the Internet that will help you find the deal you need. If you are looking for something extraordinary, you won't find it cheaply. You should be thinking of spending something close to $900. Package deals, available in a variety of themes (executive, wedding...), are generally cheaper. Sometimes the deal is better over a longer time, so find out if it is beneficial to add an extra day. When you are researching your options ask all the questions you need. Know your budget and stick to it. Tell your travel agent this amount at the beginning so s/he can work within it. As long as you are realistic, not expecting something like a Bentley for $200, you can get the vacation you want at the price you want to pay.

If you chat up your dealer you might be able to get the price dropped by a few dollars, but not by a lot. Charm is important but in the end, the bottom line is what is important. Tell you dealer why you are in Vegas. The dealer ultimately wants you to rent from them. The better they know you and the more they like you, the more willing they are to work with you. Business people love to haggle. In the end, business people know that a happy customer is a return customer and will tell their friends good stuff about the business.

You will enjoy your holiday, driving an exotic car,knowing you got a great deal and saved money. Driving a hot car, the one you wanted, and still having money to spend will make your Vegas holiday so much more fun. Imagine driving a Lamborghini or a Ferrari on the streets of Las Vega knowing you got a great deal on the rental. There is no reason to spend money if you don't need to. Your holiday is your reward for working hard and you deserve to drive the vehicle of your choice. - 30230

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What To See When You Travel To Washington DC

By Chris Linch

Nowhere else in the United States is American history so easy to experience as in Washington D.C. For example, just a short walk from the Washington Monument, you can visit (and stay in!) the same hotel that Martin Luther King Jr. did before giving his "I Have a Dream" speech shortly before the March on Washington in 1963.

Each hotel you can choose from has a special opportunity that comes along with it. For example, the Willard Intercontinental of the Hay-Adams offers clear, beautiful views of the White House. The Downtown and Capitol Hill hotels, on the other hand, are just a short walk from the National Mall. Each of these hotels are booked by world leaders and diplomats during their visits to the U.S., and are also just a short distance from the Smithsonian, the Washington Monument, the Library of Congress, and many other monuments, museums, and attractions.

The Mandarin Oriental Hotel specifically is near the Jefferson Memorial, though a bit farther from downtown. On the other hand, you can stay close to the night life by booking a room in any of the hotels in Dupont Circle.

These beautiful hotels are certainly one of a kind, but there are also budget-friendly options all over the city. You can find some of the most economical hotels and motels in the Washington D.C. on Connecticut Avenue, which is near the zoo and the National Cathedral. These accommodations are also very close to shopping and dining.

While many hotels in the downtown area are a bit more expensive, it's a good idea to consider how much driving you'll need to do from a hotel outside the downtown area. Although less expensive to reserve, you'll need to drive from these hotels and park, which can be expensive. Think carefully first about the sites you want to see the most, and find a hotel near those places, so that parking fees are less of a worry.

To save money on your trip to Washington D.C., keep an eye out for package deals and online discounts to help reduce the price of your hotel. Although in many locations you can save quite a bit of money by traveling in the off-season, D.C. doesn't have a regular off-season, and hotel prices are the same all year. Do bear in mind, however, that as with most destinations, summer is somewhat busier. - 30230

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What Is A Boutique Hotel

By Chris Linch

Boutique hotels began to appear in the UK and the USA in the early 1980s. Small (between six and fifty rooms) and independent, they were an alternative to big chains in cities like London, New York, and San Francisco. More recently, some chains have capitalized on the success of this model by operating smaller properties they market as boutique hotels.

Many boutique hotels are very luxurious. One of the luxuries they offer is highly personalized service. For one thing, with their higher staff-to-guest ratios compared with chain hotels, staff can be expected to remember your name, where you're from, and the purpose of your trip. In this more intimate "home from home" atmosphere, the traveler looking for something different, or even somewhat eccentric, will also enjoy highly personalized service.

The owners are usually your hosts in boutique hotels. Their goal is to be attentive to your needs and yet respectful of your privacy. They want you to feel at home, but exceptionally pampered. It is not always easy to achieve this in a hotel, and success depends on good design and use of space as well as the highest standards of service.

The public spaces of a hotel are important because they convey the hotel's character. All hotels endeavor to make their guests feel at home, and even large hotels underscore that aim in their public spaces. Creating a comfortable, homelike atmosphere may seem easier in a boutique hotel, but smallness calls for creativity in making the space functional as well as cozy.

The public areas in a boutique hotel should be arranged so that guests can enjoy individual space if they wish, yet without sacrificing the intimate, friendly atmosphere. The furniture should be comfortable enough to encourage guests to relax, with variations in lightening to accommodate different needs and functions. Boutique hotels tend to be less formal, and the design should emphasize the freer, more relaxed ambiance.

In a large hotel, one room is much like another. Sometimes the basic elements are identical throughout the chain: the bed, the closet, the bedside tables, and the en suite bath. It's the details that make a house a home, and the same is true of a boutique hotel. Your room might have unique antique furniture and high-quality linens and drapes. It might have a flat screen TV and internet access. The bathroom might have a custom design. Whatever the features, your room will not be quite like any other room in the hotel. - 30230

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Best Ideas for a Las Vegas Vacation

By Chris Linch

What do you think of when you imagine Las Vegas? The city conjures up different images for different people. Some people know Las Vegas better as Sin City, picturing debauchery, drinking and gambling all night long. Others consider a trip to Las Vegas the perfect family vacation. Tourism in Las Vegas hit an all-time high in the late 60s and early 70s, when it was marketed as the ultimate playground for aduts.

Back then, Las Vegas was filled with brightly-lit casinos, over-the-top stage shows, and places to drink all day and all night. In those days, a vacationer could see a performance, hit the slots from sun-down to sun-up, shoot liquor for breakfast and hit the sack until noon just to start all over again.

Las Vegas vacations took on a different connotation starting in the early 90s when the city casinos began attracting entire families. This was done to compete with newer attractions like the New York New York roller coaster and the MGM Grand, with a family-focused environment.

The casino management caught on to the possibility of attracting families, who had vacation money to spend, while continuing to serve their high rollers and devoted gambling clientele. That caused the rise of family-oriented entertainment, including restaurants, shows and other places focused on kids. Even many casinos started offering childcare services to parents, in order to allow them to continue gambling and drinking while their kids played.

Now the typical vacation to Las Vegas is caught somewhere between a child and an adult's wonderland. It's not unusual to see amusement park rides swarming over the heads of slot machines and card tables. Now that prostitution is legal in Vegas, you will even see advertisements on cabs for topless shows and fliers all over the place for escort services, right next to the latest commercial for Sponge Bob Square Pants.

The aura of the adult playground still permeates, despite the strip's re-branding as a family vacation spot. The city flows with money and champagne, as it remains host to the greatest number of fine restaurants and dance clubs to be found in any place in the U.S.A. - 30230

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Car Travel: Things You Need To Have A Good Trip

By Chris Linch

If you are planning to take a trip in the near term, you may want to think about those items you will need and start to set them aside. Setting aside these items will allow you to advance pack and will cut down on the last minutes hassles when it is actually time for you to leave for your trip.

Starting of a trip in the right frame of mind is so important, that is why advance planning really works. You begin the trip knowing you have what you need, you are relaxed and even have time for some coffee. You also can pick up those foods you will want to much on during your journey, which will add to your enjoyment level of the experience.

Determining what you will actually need to pack for your trip is important, you need to be sure to allow enough time for packing and getting things together. Clothing is one of the most critical items to consider, you must have clothes and shoes that will work in the new environment. For example, what will the weather be like? Will laundry services be readily available?

You may want to consider including some antibacterial wipes when you are packing for your trip, they come in very handy for cleaning dirty hands, wiping down surfaces, or just about anything else. Some small towels are also great to keep handy and available for any accidential spills you may have, to wipe things off, or other general purpose use.

Packing some snacks ahead of time for your toad trip is a great idea, you will save yourself a lot of time and aggravation from looking for food when you are on the road. There are many nutritious snacks you can pack to have available, such as cheese, salads, nuts, or salads. They are easy to pack and will be very convenient for you to enjoy on the road. - 30230

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Savings on Vacation Destinations

By Chris Linch

Do you know anyone who doesn't want to spend less on where they spend their vacations? Seriously, everybody out there is searching high and low to find the best savings they can on top-of-the-line resorts for low-end prices. Any holiday travel is costly, but vacations could be much more affordable if those traveling could find less expensive places to stay.

It used to be very hard to find hotels when you traveled, and they were seldom very affordable. It is easier now, though, since with help from technology you can find what you want, where you want it and when you want it from the comfort of your own home. No matter how picky you may be, it's possible to find something you like on the World Wide Web, and with many different people online helping you find just the right fit, it really couldn't get much better. Plus there are many hotels and resorts that collaborate with various travel agencies, making it possible for you to book the one you want on extremely short notice.

Many people think that finding cheap places to stay is really hard, but if you read this article, you'll actually find that it's quite easy. Recent advances in technology have turned this huge world into a tiny village. Practically any information you could ever want is can be found with just a click or two of your mouse. There are many lists of inexpensive hotels and resorts on the web. You don't have to pay through the nose even for the best ones.

A lot of good travel agencies let you reserve hotels on the Internet. This service is cheaper than regular booking and doesn't take as long. You can also find out more about the discount rates that hotels offer these agencies. The agencies will collaborate with many different hotels. The hotels will give large discounts in return for the agencies making block booking for them. This is good for us too, since we get the discounts in the long run.

The simplest way to make a hotel booking online, whether cheap or fancy, is through online shopping. It's extremely easy and you don't have to go anywhere. You just have to pick a real booking agency among the mass of other agencies online. Next, check out their catalog and find the hotel you want in the place you're going. When you've chosen one, you will have to put in the information needed, including name, preferred rooms, address, dates you will arrive and depart and anything else the hotel needs to know.

One cautionary word is that you should always make sure everything is in good order with all the right details and agreeable terms and conditions before you finally confirm any cheap hotel booking. Once you have done this and have confirmed your booking, you can then book your tickets and pack your things for the trip. - 30230

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The Attractions of Las Vegas

By Chris Linch

Paris, New York, Italy, all on the same street. Can you imagine? It is a good idea to make a list of the spots you want to visit while you are in "Sin City" before you make the trip. Here are a few ideas for the top "must see" locations.

Accentuated by a lovely musical water fountain is Las Vegas' very own Bellagio. Inside is a recreation of Venice complete with gondola rides, exclusive art boutiques, and a shopping center. You can also enjoy "O" by Cirque du Soleil, gamble in the fabulous casino, of dine in five star restaurants like Circo and Jasmine. The Bellagio is easily on of the greatest Las Vegas attractions.

At the Mirage, between 8pm and midnight, their volcano erupts, a splendid display of fire and water. Though the Mirage is known around the world for their outdoor activities, come inside and there is much more to be seen. At the front desk you will find a 20,000-gallon saltwater tank. You will also experience the 90-foot high atrium ceiling, waterfalls, and rainforest garden. You can also find Siegfried and Roy's Secret Garden and a Dolphin Habitat inside the resort.

Freemont Street, home of the Freemont Street Experience, is a must see free attraction. Freemont street is home to street entertainers and performers, a nightly light show on the canopy, and it is all covered by a 90-foot high canopy. This street is open to pedestrians only and is one of the most popular Vegas attractions.

Amazing magicians, world-class singers, and impossible acrobatics. If you can imagine it, you can find it in Vegas. Though, it is difficult to list the most popular attractions, because the shows do change from time to time.

Vegas is home to many shows, like Phantom of the Opera at the Venetian, where the stage was built just for that show. Critics claim it is the best performance of Phantom. There are many Cirque du Soliel shows, even an "adults-only" show. Famous singers like Elton John, Bette Midler, and Cher are regulars on stages in Vegas, and the Blue Man Group is also a very popular attraction. - 30230

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What's Legal and Not In Las Vegas

By Chris Linch

Las Vegas, Nevada is the party headquarters of the USA. It is also known as Sin City because of its never sleep policy. Drinking and gambling are offered around the clock. Local law enforcement is kept busy catching drunk drivers. If you are caught drinking and driving, contact a local Attorney that specializes in DUI's to handle the situation.

Las Vegas visitors often consume enough alcohol to make themselves sick. It is served all day and night. It is easy to get drunk. People need to drink responsibly and designate a driver or take a cab instead of getting behind the wheel themselves.

Many law's are believed to not exist in Las Vegas. People tend to act different than they do at home thinking it will be acceptable. Vegas's laws are much like anywhere else's in the US. Law enforcement will cite you for "pubic drunkenness". This will put a damper on you good time vacation.

Drinking diminishes ones inhibitions, and loosens judgment. Women need to be particularly careful in this situation. Many predator's will seem charming. This leads to a high incidence of sexual assault and rape. The victims are usually robbed for their valuables as well. The police have a hard time catching these criminals, because an intoxicated witness is not a very good witness.

While enjoying all Las Vegas has to offer, remember, to obey the law. Drink in a responsible manner. Follow the laws, as if you were at home.

The point here is to be wise when you travel to Las Vegas. We know it is known as sin city, and that what goes there stays there, but you don't want to be the one staying there because you have broken the law. We also don't want you to come home broke because you spent all your money being stupid gambling or breaking the law. Keep a good sense of those around you and make sure you are doing what a good citizen would do even if you are having fun doing it. - 30230

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A Great Place For A Wedding: Las Vegas

By Chris Linch

Las Vegas is the opportune location for a stripped down wedding. Plus airlines cater to Las Vegas often as it is a popular destination so low prices are always a must.

Las Vegas is well known for the all night wedding chapel but it also caters to more traditional weddings as well. Try checking out the hotels on the strip and the wedding packages they feature.

Besides the wedding chapels, Las Vegas offers great places to dine, shows, and clubs to all its visitors. So, if you are planning to throw a baccalaureate or bachelor party, the city is the perfect place to celebrate.

Las Vegas puts a brand new spin on marriage. You can get married in a tux or in your favorite pair of jeans. You can go through the drive-thru, come single, leave married! You can do it in a helicopter, in a limo, the possibilities are limitless!

Las Vegas can bring you anything as well. Everything can be perfect, the flowers, the cake, there are specialists for everything.

Obtaining your marriage license is easy as well. You just head down to the courthouse, fill out a few forms, and you're off to enjoy the rest of your stay.

If you need to have a fantastic wedding, or just get married quick either thing can be done in Las Vegas. From high rise luxury property to a drive through wedding chapel they have it all. It is also a great place for a honeymoon. You can go to Hoover Dam, the Grand Canon and again stay in a beautiful hotel room. Or you can just go have fun there and even find someone to marry there! I love Las Vegas. - 30230

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Save Money And Travel To Vegas

By Chris Linch

Are you a frugal travel? Then Las Vegas is the place for you to spend your vacation. There are numerous free or cheap things to do that will help you stretch your precious dollars. Even if you don't gamble, Las Vegas has something for every traveler, young and old. This article covers the must-dos for the person who likes to travel on the cheap.

Love to sway to the beat of your favorite song? So do the nightly fountain shows at the Bellagio casino. Roughly every fifteen minutes after nightfall (check with the casino to find out that evening's schedule) the fountains move to a choreographed routine. The music changes with every show, from popular tunes to classical melodies. It is a show not to be missed

Did your kids like Pirates of the Caribbean? Witness a live pirate battle between sexy wenches and swarthy male pirates right on the Strip. There are four nightly shows right in front of Treasure Island. The shows are kid friendly and sure to please. Early birds get the best view, but beware. If you stand too close, you may get splashed.

See the circus for free! Watch acrobats pilot a trapeze and jugglers balance more balls than you ever thought imaginable. The Circus Circus Casino has free world-class acts every half-hour. Each show is different, so you can easily spend over an hour enjoying the entertainment.

Engage your senses at the Freemont Street Experience. Located downtown and away from the Strip, a long covered walkway is filled to the brim with street performers and vendors. Street performers alone may not be enough to bring you downtown, but the light and sound show is a sight not to be missed. The show is displayed on the canopy above the walkway several times nightly.

Love chocolate? Then this off the Strip location is worth a visit. Go to Ethel M's Chocolate Factor (One Sunset Way) and let the afternoon melt away. Enjoy free samples and a guided tour. If you are feeling particularly sinful, bring back some chocolates to enjoy later on your trip. - 30230

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Reasons To Stay at the Venetian Hotel

By Chris Linch

The Venetian Hotel in Las Vegas now stands where the former Sands Hotel once stood. With over 4,027 rooms and suites, the Venetian offers unique dining, shops, a spa, entertainment, art, and complete relaxation to make any holiday complete.

Guests at the Venetian will be thoroughly satisfied with amenities such as huge marble baths, phone, television, sunken living rooms, a mini bar, fax facilities, and private gaming table/chairs. Each room has large beds, sofas, marble entrances, detailed moldings and railings.

Guests at the Venetian are pampered with 24 hour security, safety deposit facilities, maid service, concierge, valet parking, ATM machines, staff translators, wake-up services, and laundry/dry cleaning facilities.

The Venetian is an ideal place for those who like to gamble, boasting over 2000 video games and slot machines, over 122 gambling tables ranging in games from Craps to Mini Baccarat, and betting in all sports.

The Venetian is also a hot spot for entertainment in its new live theater. They feature musical companies from all over the world, comedians, rock 'n' roll bands, dances, and musicals. This hotel is not just for those who love to gamble, but for anyone who loves entertainment.

The Grand Canal in the Venetian offers a unique experience for its guests. Ride the gondola and admire the streets lined with stores and cafes resembling Venice. Visit the Guggenheim Hermitage museum with collections from famous museums in New York and St. Petersburg. And finally, top off the trip with a visit to Madame Tussauds Wax Gallery, where one can see wax figurines of American icons such as Tom Jones, Elvis Presley, and Frank Sinatra.

This hotel is one of the most beautiful in Las Vegas. Every time I go even if I don't stay there I at least have to stop in for a visit. If you want to truly have a romantic trip to Las Vegas there is no better hotel to visit that this one. Check it out online for yourself this is one beautiful place to stay, like a little Italy in the middle of the Disney world for adults. - 30230

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British Hotels That Are Perfect

By Chris Linch

Getting a good deal on hotel room usually means not staying in the best hotel. Often frequent travelers are able to get rooms in the best hotels around, just when the hotels seem booked to capacity. Britain has a lot of hotels to choose from that range from the usual to the unique. Here are five of those hotels where unique and excellence are combined.

Lord Poulett Arms - The real hamstone walls give this easily affordable hotel an authentic Authurian feel despite the fact that modern comfort is available everywhere. Antique armchairs and even roll top baths add to the simple, utilitarian aura that will please even the most difficult to please guests. You will even see Roberts Radios that are vintage pre WWII. The service level is above reproach and they even offer homemade biscuits. To complete the picture a world famous pub is available to guests that will encourage them to make themselves at home.

Dormy House -a dream come true is often the only way to describe a stay at Dormy House. As old as the Celts and as romantic as St. Valentine it is located in Worcestershire and is a well loved, lived in home. There are eight suites that are often booked up in advance for good reason. The welcome home feeling you get when entering is amazingly heartfelt considering Dormy House comes with accouterments not in most homes. The surprising luxury hidden within the warmth of the interior will make you feel pampered and taken care of. The aesthetics are stunning and the service is first class. If you stay for the gaming, the solitude, or even the fine dining you soon realize the combination of them all is in reality a dream come true.

Hotel TerraVina - One of the top five most unique hotels you can actually enjoy the beauty and ambiance of the forest without getting out of bed. Built in the heart of the New Forest National Park it seems welcoming without robbing the park of its primal glory. You can enjoy the forest's beauty without leaving the modern technology behind. The technology is well hidden, but always in reach. The Hotel has kind of luxury that is usually only available in the most exclusive hotels in the most modern cities.

Thirty Two Cheltenham - The Cheltenham's area is well known for it's great shopping but a stay at thirty two Cheltenham is an experience all on it's own. There are only four suites but they are the most elegant, luxurious suites around. When you step over the threshold you will be transported to a world where you feel like the royalty of ancient times. Marble baths with separate sitting rooms and service fit for a King and Queen. This hotel is truly the top of the line of the best hotels. The Guardian, The Independent, Mrs. ... Mrs. Smith, The Times, and twenty of the other top travel publications state this as the best hotel ever. You only have to stay once to know how truly right they are.

Moccas Court - The Moccas Court Bed and Breakfast is not only an experience of 16th century civility along with 18th century finery that is combined with 21st century standards of excellence. Creating an unforgettable stay that is well worth the expense and the art inside is priceless and will provide you with awe inspiring joy. Surrounded by untouched land and religious idealism your stay will provide therapy for the mind and body while making you feel unworthy. - 30230

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The Hotels Of Florence Italy

By Chris Linch

There are many hotels for Tourists to stay at while they are visiting Italy, they vary from hotels within the city center or on the outskirts of the cities. In Florence you will find hotels to suit your budget constraints and in the location you want. One option to consider, is if you intend to visit Florence for an extended period of time then you could look into the possibility of renting an apartment. Each apartment is semi self contained with small kitchen facilities and a home like atmosphere. If country style living is more your style, there are remote farmhouse holiday accommodations available for your stay.

If you are looking for a mid ranged hotel for your stay in Florence is good to note that you may need to take perhaps some time to do a little research on the available hotels within your price range. There are many European hotels in Florence, but these generally do also come with a higher cost, which may not fit in with your budget.

Depending on your budget and needs, you could choose either to stay at one of Florence's many luxurious hotels. These hotels are generally located in the city center, close to all amenities and public transport. The cost of staying at one of these five star hotels could cost as much as Euro 170 and upwards. If you are seeking to perhaps experience daily life in Florence and want to enjoy using public transport you could consider perhaps a mid range hotel, one that is perhaps located near a station square for your convenience. The cost of staying at a mid range or a 2 star hotel is generally Euro 60-100 with the cheaper hotels coming in at approximately Euro 38-40 per night.

If you are wishing to savor the beauty and delights of sightseeing while in Florence, the Arti ... Hotel, a three star establishment in Florence is located right in the historical heart of the city. It is also well within walking distance of the Dumo, San Lorenzo, Piazza San Marco, Galleria dell'Accademia, Palazzo de'Medici and other major tourist attractions in the city.

The fully renovated Hotel River is located in a charming 19th century building on the banks of the beautiful River Arno. Each of its 38 rooms offer complete en-suite facilities for the comfort and enjoyment of its patrons.

Situated in the heart of the city of Florence, with close access to the Central Station of Santa Maria Novella and the River Arno, is the Hotel Goldoni. This magnificent three star hotel is located on the second floor of an antique 18th century palace and boasts full mod cons and a charming, and welcoming ambiance, perfect for your holiday stay. - 30230

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Travel To Cape Town

By Chris Linch

In Cape Town, Africa exist one of the best luxury hotels in the world- the Winchester Mansion Hotel. It was really a sight to see, as you approach the place the sparkling view of the Atlantic ocean and stunning beauty of the Mansion will catch your attention amidst the hills and palm trees. Indeed it was a paradise beyond words. And a dream place for vacation.

This hotel has earned many awards including the " Best Value Award" from both Trip Advisor and the Budget Travel Magazine for its reliable value for money. The Mansions offer a classic and luxurious rooms in their resort.With 25 suites and 51 classic rooms for guests- overlooking the mountains or the seaside. You could not resist the beauty and elegance of the Mansions coupled with services from their employees which is the heart of their business.

The Mansions is fully furnished with all devices technology could offer, it includes; satellite television featuring international channels, wireless internet, telephone, air conditioning, in-room safe, coffee and tea making facilities, and a mini bar. A lounge, heated pool and sundeck for the guests is also available.In addition,an en suite double bedroom with spacious lounge area and guest room at Robben Island suite.There are optional second bedroom for the families who are traveling. You will enjoy an exotic view while having a drink and watch the setting of the sun, one could not deny the charm and classic beauty of one of the best Hotels in the world.

The Terrace of the Harveys- one of the best luxury Hotels in the world offers a variety of drinks that suits your tastes. You might want to experience the sun downer, the Sunday Jazz Brunch during summer months. And the best menus and music,which Harveys restaurant serves, what more could we ask for.

The Winchester Mansions-one of the best hotels in the world, offers also great resorts coupled with a great spa to boast of. The therapeutic techniques comprise a holistic blend of modern as well as ancient method of healing. The hotel has well-trained staff with prestigious CIDESCO certifications. If you want to experience the healing opportunities which the Winchester Mansions offers, just visit the place and you will never regret the encounter in this hotel. - 30230

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Cheap Hotel Rates and the Economy

By Chris Linch

Tough times for the hotel industry. But still, even with comforts and resources decreased, the costumer service marks are on the increase.

First, there are fewer jobs in the industry. A measure are the employees themselves, working harder on keeping their jobs than before. Pampering their guests more than usual, they become closer to their diligent colleagues who never lost their jobs in the first place. Besides highly-motivated staff, nother factor that shows how much hotels are interested in keeping guests is seen in their established programs pushing brand loyalty.

Second, the hotels denote fewer guests. By the end of the first week in May, a decrease of 14%, as opposed to last year's rate, took place, reports Smith Travel Research. A lower number is presented by Pricewaterhouse: Their forecast of a 3.5% drop would still put the industry below its 1971 rate!

These numbers need comparison to the employment date of the same period. A report by the ADP denotes a drop of 8.3% from 1,955,300 to 1,793,900 for the time from June 2008 tp June 2009. The survey's mostly larger or midsize organizations follow a current trend in the US by keeping a larger percentage of employees than their smaller rivals.

Staff are working harder to please their customers; the guests, in turn, can expect a higher number of staff to pamper them; 9.4% lower prices do the rest. As a consequence, a higher customer satisfaction is not surprising - hotel guests these days must sure feel like kings in their own bargain castle!

Remember to pack chargers for your electrinic devices such as cell phone, iPod, GPS, alarm clock, and electronic games - in case you have kids. Sunglasses and bathing suit will also need to find a place in your luggage. That in mind, all you have to do is lay back and look forward to a refreshing holiday! - 30230

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Travel and Hotels Play Important Role in Life

By Chris Linch

Traveling and hotels have become a big business. It is because business, job, education, entertainment all require these facilities of travel and hotel. Traveling helps airlines, rail, road transport industry. There are numerous tasks associated with traveling from seat booking, food, clothing, banking, insurance, stay, beverages etc.

When one travels it is for various purposes and duration. Depending upon the purpose, various facilities as listed above will be required. People do make friends while travel. You will also find the whole books and publications sold near travel spots. Hotels on the other hand facilitate lodging and boarding facilities to people when on travel, tour, trips, family functions, business visit, conferences etc.

Hotels are an important part of hospitality service industry. Hotel industry relates to food, beverages, services, laundry, entertainment, luxury items, vehicle service, escorts etc. Those people make you feel at home and make your stay comfortable. And now there is medical tourism, which has given spurt to travel and hotel industry, providing spiritual, mental, meditation services, which combines promoting health improvement, fun and travel.

Therefore, today importance of travel and hotel can not be underestimated. It is so attached to our lives of entire civilization that it has multitude of concerns over our personal, social, economical and even environmental aspects.

Anytime you are travelling you are to enjoy yourself. People take for granted the things around where they live. Traveling gives people the opportunity to experience new things. Variety is a human need that must be fulfilled for us to be happy. Everyone should plan to travel somewhere new at least once a year to keep your variety in your life at its top level.

You can do a lot of research on the internet which will allow you to find interesting places to travel. You would be surprised how much fun there is that is not very far from you. All you have to do is take a little bit of time to find the destinations that best fit what you like to do. - 30230

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Traveling in Luxury In The Next Year

By Chris Linch

A recent survey of both travelers and travel professionals named everything from niche luxury cruises to personalized adventure travel in undiscovered regions as their predictions for luxury travel trends in 2010.

The current economic setting has made bargain hunting a top priority amongst travelers. Luxury hotel and tour operators can no longer rely solely on concept and branding to draw customers, and instead must demonstrate why it's worth paying a bit more for an extraordinary experience.

It is expected that a proficient travel advisor can provide the best available services in the top vacation destinations around the world, because travelers are seeking the optimal price/quality balance when selecting a luxury vacation.

Luxury adventure travel is on the rise. Consumers can now enjoy a growing selection of activities in top vacation destinations such as Cape Town, Provence, Tuscany, and New York.

The year 2010 will see a continued rise of intimate, sustainable villa resorts developing in eco-friendly destinations as the demand for eco-luxury travel continues. Green travel promises exciting adventures for the conscientious traveler.

If you want to travel in style then you need to find out what the trends are for the time you are traveling. You can really save over the next years on some fantastic luxury hotels and more due to the fact that the economy has driven hotel prices way down. Hotel prices are down 10% on average and are actually still falling as people try to fill those empty hotel rooms. Just search discount hotel sites to find the best deals on some of those hotels you never thought you would stay in. I travel all over the world and I stay in all kinds of nice hotels. I have noticed that as of late it is much cheaper to stay in those hotels than it ever was. Now is the time to get on board and start traveling like a movie star while you can still find the cheap rates. - 30230

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The Destination of George's Sea Island

By Chris Linch

What makes for a great retreat and vacation destination? One of the best resorts in the world, of course. A place that gives you a feeling of floating in air surrounded by care and comfort. Well, what do you know? Georgia's Sea Island, the Cloister & the Lodge, prime amongst the world's best hotels, offers this magnificent experience and much more. Soak your sights in the lovely beaches surrounding this resort, while basking in its mellow sunsets and taking in its soft and plushy marshes.

The Sea Island in Georgia is great for families who keep coming back to avail of its programs for children and signature events. Step inside the premises and even a rank newcomer is made to feel at home, right away, in one of the worlds best luxury hotels. Its enormous lobby showing off well-lighted arches, palms, and a la mode chandeliers is a tribute to taste and style. In existence for the last eight decades it continues to enthrall generations of repeat visitors. And no wonder: all of its 175 units are of world standard and class. Each room (called a river view room) is 700 square feet wide housing a range of great amenities.

For entertainment purposes switch on the LCD HD TV with a screen that is 45 inches wide. If you have work to do or simply wish to browse the net you can have access to either wired or wireless internet services. A well-appointed bathroom comes with a bath tub that is really deep and a separate rain shower overhead. There are also handmade Turkish towels that are extremely comfortable. Even prettier in one of the worlds best luxury hotels are the River and Cloister View suites which are 950 square feet wide with a choice of two queen beds or one king bed. The cloister view suites look into well-tended cloister gardens. If you happen to check in during the winter months you would love the fireplace of the Sea Island suite.

You would also have a library to yourself along with a private balcony. Guests who check into the Ocean Villas room and suites consider the Sea Island to be one of the best resorts in the world owing to the feeling of supreme they foster. The villas all come with an open kitchen, more than one bedroom suite (if desired), and more than one bathroom. The suites vary in width from 1,170 to 3,274 square feet. In order to relax and unwind few things are better than the Mobil Five-Star Cloister Spa and Fitness Center with its 23 exclusive treatment rooms, all offering a range of mineral cosmetics, massages, and relaxation techniques.

The dining experience at the Sea Island resort is something else altogether if you enjoy southern flavors, that is. The Georgian Room, for instance, features exotic recipes from the chef's ladle like smoked butter poached shrimps and butter pea succotash. For lunch do try the Chicken Grumpo soup at Big George's. This king among the world's best hotels has a lot to be recommended for. - 30230

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