Cheap Hotel Rates and the Economy

By Chris Linch

Tough times for the hotel industry. But still, even with comforts and resources decreased, the costumer service marks are on the increase.

First, there are fewer jobs in the industry. A measure are the employees themselves, working harder on keeping their jobs than before. Pampering their guests more than usual, they become closer to their diligent colleagues who never lost their jobs in the first place. Besides highly-motivated staff, nother factor that shows how much hotels are interested in keeping guests is seen in their established programs pushing brand loyalty.

Second, the hotels denote fewer guests. By the end of the first week in May, a decrease of 14%, as opposed to last year's rate, took place, reports Smith Travel Research. A lower number is presented by Pricewaterhouse: Their forecast of a 3.5% drop would still put the industry below its 1971 rate!

These numbers need comparison to the employment date of the same period. A report by the ADP denotes a drop of 8.3% from 1,955,300 to 1,793,900 for the time from June 2008 tp June 2009. The survey's mostly larger or midsize organizations follow a current trend in the US by keeping a larger percentage of employees than their smaller rivals.

Staff are working harder to please their customers; the guests, in turn, can expect a higher number of staff to pamper them; 9.4% lower prices do the rest. As a consequence, a higher customer satisfaction is not surprising - hotel guests these days must sure feel like kings in their own bargain castle!

Remember to pack chargers for your electrinic devices such as cell phone, iPod, GPS, alarm clock, and electronic games - in case you have kids. Sunglasses and bathing suit will also need to find a place in your luggage. That in mind, all you have to do is lay back and look forward to a refreshing holiday! - 30230

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