What Shows Are Good in Las Vegas

By Chris Linch

Cirque du Soleil's Mystere show is like being awake during one of your most bizarre and with wonderful dreams, and it's my favorite show..

It begins with some classic entertainment. Two clowns come out and play tricks on each other before the audience. The show starts off with a very light hearted note and helps to pass the time and while the audience is being seated, and if either of these jokers tries to direct you to your seat, hold on your tickets or it may remember where you are actually seated for they will take you on a wild goose chase.

The real magic and the show starts. The music so beautiful and haunting that you will be absolutely mesmerized, and there are acrobats and bicyclists also. There is always something to see, which would be interesting and no matter in which direction you look. You can also see athletic skill unlike anything you have ever experienced and the sets and costumes are breath-taking and beautiful.

Sometimes the whole thing seems like some surreal dream or like that you have just stepped into the mind of Salvadore Dali. There are graceful ballerinas, gigantic Snails, dashing heroes and total buffoons. Half of the time you will be mesmerized and the other half you will be laughing yourself silly, as the clowns distract you from the ever changing scene changes that happen right in front of your eyes.

Make this one of your first. If you have never seen a Cirque du Soleil show before. If you have seen the others, this one is still worth going to. It is not the Beatlemania of Love but instead it seems to be the perfect cameo of what a Cirque show men. I love this show because, it is still a big production, and has a wonderful sense. It is like that if you are being privy to a private show into a magical world.

All of the Cirque shows, this could be the most appropriate if you bring your children, also. The mystical quality is one that it will enchant them and yet it's not a "kids show." Their performances are all of the top quality and the experiences is the one that can be definitely be appreciated by all. - 30230

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