Car Insurance Guide for the US state of Nevada

By Teri Harvey

Sorting out your auto insurance is an expensive, but necessary, annual expense for most of us.

Many of us that decide to take out that cheap car insurance option will, in the event of making a claim, feel let down by the insurance company somewhat. If you have you ever had to make a claim against your insurance then you may agree with what I'm saying - I bet some of you will have had to chase the insurance company to get things sorted out, alot of you will maybe have had a game of tug-of-war with the insurer about the costs of the claim, and I would risk a fair stack of chips (we are in Las Vegas after all!) on most having found it stressful.

In its annual report of 2008, The National Association of Insurance Commissioners report revealed that the average premium per vehicle in Nevada state was $1,137 annually, whilst passenger car insurance for the remaining states was significantly less at only $937 per vehicle.

Since car insurance is more expensive for those of us who happen to live in Las Vegas or somewhere else in Nevada, we need to make sure we get a good deal for our money.

To get yourself a decent policy and also to get a good deal for their money, you must take care and purchase an auto insurance policy that makes sense and value for you. A good policy is one that both meets your minimum liability as a road user and also provides other levels of cover that you require without quibbles or problems from the insurance company should you need to make a claim.

Bodily injury and property damage cover can be purchased as what is known as split-limit cover or combined single-limit cover. If you choose to pay for a combined single limit, then the figures for property damage and bodily injury are combined ie. $40,000 is the minimum (required under Nevada law) combined single limit for all property damage and bodily injury.

Comprehensive and collision cover are not strictly required by law in Las Vegas, under Nevada law but you may find that it is offered to you by your insurer. It is also not available in some cases where the condition of the vehicle or the age of the driver would prohibit the costs required ie. the person is of minimum age or the vehicle is almost worthless

You are not required to carry medical payments or uninsured/under-insured motorist cover, but all insurance companies are required by law to offer you medical payments cover of at least $1000 and uninsured/under-insured motorist cover at an amount equal to your bodily injury cover.

If you are planning on a car lease in Las Vegas or elsewhere in Nevada, then we would advise you to check your lease agreement carefully since they commonly require that you have a liability cover of $100,000 per person, $300,000 per accident and possibly a damage cover over the lower limit of $10,000. These are minimum auto insurance requirements for Las Vegas and the state of Nevada as a whole. - 30230

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