British Hotels That Are Perfect

By Chris Linch

Getting a good deal on hotel room usually means not staying in the best hotel. Often frequent travelers are able to get rooms in the best hotels around, just when the hotels seem booked to capacity. Britain has a lot of hotels to choose from that range from the usual to the unique. Here are five of those hotels where unique and excellence are combined.

Lord Poulett Arms - The real hamstone walls give this easily affordable hotel an authentic Authurian feel despite the fact that modern comfort is available everywhere. Antique armchairs and even roll top baths add to the simple, utilitarian aura that will please even the most difficult to please guests. You will even see Roberts Radios that are vintage pre WWII. The service level is above reproach and they even offer homemade biscuits. To complete the picture a world famous pub is available to guests that will encourage them to make themselves at home.

Dormy House -a dream come true is often the only way to describe a stay at Dormy House. As old as the Celts and as romantic as St. Valentine it is located in Worcestershire and is a well loved, lived in home. There are eight suites that are often booked up in advance for good reason. The welcome home feeling you get when entering is amazingly heartfelt considering Dormy House comes with accouterments not in most homes. The surprising luxury hidden within the warmth of the interior will make you feel pampered and taken care of. The aesthetics are stunning and the service is first class. If you stay for the gaming, the solitude, or even the fine dining you soon realize the combination of them all is in reality a dream come true.

Hotel TerraVina - One of the top five most unique hotels you can actually enjoy the beauty and ambiance of the forest without getting out of bed. Built in the heart of the New Forest National Park it seems welcoming without robbing the park of its primal glory. You can enjoy the forest's beauty without leaving the modern technology behind. The technology is well hidden, but always in reach. The Hotel has kind of luxury that is usually only available in the most exclusive hotels in the most modern cities.

Thirty Two Cheltenham - The Cheltenham's area is well known for it's great shopping but a stay at thirty two Cheltenham is an experience all on it's own. There are only four suites but they are the most elegant, luxurious suites around. When you step over the threshold you will be transported to a world where you feel like the royalty of ancient times. Marble baths with separate sitting rooms and service fit for a King and Queen. This hotel is truly the top of the line of the best hotels. The Guardian, The Independent, Mrs. ... Mrs. Smith, The Times, and twenty of the other top travel publications state this as the best hotel ever. You only have to stay once to know how truly right they are.

Moccas Court - The Moccas Court Bed and Breakfast is not only an experience of 16th century civility along with 18th century finery that is combined with 21st century standards of excellence. Creating an unforgettable stay that is well worth the expense and the art inside is priceless and will provide you with awe inspiring joy. Surrounded by untouched land and religious idealism your stay will provide therapy for the mind and body while making you feel unworthy. - 30230

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