Who Will Step Up to the Plate to Help Homeowners?

By Kristy Sinsara

The economy has really caused a great deal of problems for many- not the least of which, the mortgage industry has been seeing such a dramatic down turn in recent years, causing so many to lose their homes. This has been one of the most difficult areas for people to navigate.

With the economy taking such a big hit recently and the mortgage industry slipping and losing ground, this is an all too common fact. So many do not realize that there are answers out there, or where they may find them. Kirsty Sinsara knows exactly what that is like, and has helped many with this issue to find those answers they need.

Through the Consumer Advocacy Group, Kristy Sinsara works very hard to enable people to understand their options and find hope in a situation that many really do not feel they have hope at all. Those most impacted by the downfall of the housing market are not big banks and their CEOs, no. It's the people who face losing their homes and what they have worked so hard for that seem most impacted.

Quite a number of those who have lost their homes did so because they did not realize that there were options out there, ways to make a change in things and potentially to keep their homes. "The biggest thing that the Consumer Advocacy Group does," says President Kristy Sinsara, "is educate."

Understanding what the Consumer Advocacy Group really is, can help people to realize just what a beneficial service they offer. The group is founded on educating the people about their options, yes, but also, actively lobbying for the changes to the existing system that has caused the problems in the first place.

Though the overall focus is on consumer rights, The Consumer Advocacy Group is quite active in many areas of the issues that homeowner's have been facing in recent years and the trauma and loss that sometimes befalls those who simply do not know the options that they may have.

The Consumer Advocacy Group is also dedicated to a sort of circle of hope. Much of the work done is nonprofit, but there's more to it than that. Through the program, many find a great deal of education and benefit from the assistance of the group but also, give back to their own communities. One of the programs involves giving either time or donations to local charities and being able to make a difference in the lives of others as well as getting back on their own feet.

The group has made it a point to ensure that the information is available to those who need it most. In addition to this, the programs usually involve the homeowners in another way- helping to give back to the community through either volunteer services or donations to local charities. In this way, there is a complete cycle of hope and giving that the Consumer Advocacy Group finds important in these troubling economic times. - 30230

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