The Truth About Selling Las Vegas Real Estate In This Buyers Market

By Irish E Danner

Some home sellers needlessly struggle like a duck in the desert to find a buyer for their property. While a neighbor two doors up sells their house quickly and easily.

Could it be the fast sellers have better marketing tactics? Perhaps. To help with that here are six things you can do to sell your house faster and for more - even in a tough buyers market. In no particular order they are staging, pricing the house right, creating curb appeal, flaw free presentation, using a good agent, and offering tempting incentives. If you diligently follow these tips the SOLD sign will appear before you know it.

In a soft market it's vital you price your house right. Using the sales price of comparable homes sold recently as your guide. That's a true indicator of what the market is paying for similar properties. New listings priced right shouldn't linger because buyers are watching for reasonably priced options. Don't miss your opportunity.

A pre sale inspection is a bit like a seal of approval. Much like a certified used car, this tell prospects that your house has been gone over and any problems have been resolved. In essence you're buying some peace of mind for the buyer. Which is hard to put a price tag on.

Hire a professional to help you stage your house to make it stand out. Getting rid of unwanted clutter, painting and depersonalization should be obvious. But having a brutally honest third party to advise and guide you with such things as creating more walkable space inside your house or advising you to replace any carpet past it's prime falls under the heading of staging. Once you put the "for sale" sign up, the house becomes the product. Go for the 'Wow' effect by staging it properly.

Turn on the natural charm with curb appeal. Make your house look appealing from the street because appearance really is everything. Warm, inviting and well maintained is the message you want buyers to see when they first drive up. Otherwise they may not even get out of the car.

Tempting sales incentives may not directly affect the sale but they can get you more buzz. Offer a bonus to any realtor who brings you a buyer. Offer to pay for the required inspections and closing costs. Think outside the box and offer a pair of coveted season tickets to a local sports team. Granted such moves won't help sell a house that's overpriced. But sometimes you may need to do such things to keep up with the competition.

Finally selling in a down market is no time to be working with part timers. You want a Realtor who knows your subdivision and has a solid track record of moving houses. In both up and down markets. They can work with you to find a good price, develop a marketing plan and ease your through the process. For sure you won't want some one who will over promise and under deliver either.

Granted these six ideas are just a starting point. But they can also take you a good part of the way in cinching the deal. Don't put a house on the market without carefully considering each for your situation. - 30230

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