7 Free Strategies For An Awesome Home Makeover

By Irish E Danner

Selling your home is one of the most stressful events you can live through. The joy of life in a fish bowl soon drains away. And the longer the process drags on the longer you have to deal with the problem of keeping your house spotless and ready to show at a moment's notice.

One way to keep time spent in that state of stress to a minimum is with a serious home makeover. Not only that, it's a great way to create a wow would be buyers. You see, you want to lure them in and visually persuade them this is the best house for them. That process all starts with curb appeal and is reinforced with the presentation of you home as a low maintenance alternative. That has move in ready written all over it.

Now if you can possibly dig up even $1000 a low cost (read cosmetic) home makeover is possible. Maybe not a dazzling remodel. But something good enough to make your house stand out from the competing houses on the market. All clamoring for attention from the same pool buyers you're trying to attract.

That's correct. A mere handful of dollars targeted where it will do the most good along with a willingness to get things Q-tip clean is possible and is what you're aiming for. In other words you want to leave your home cleaner than you could ever imagine it being. All to amp up a buyer's latent desire to move in.

Where to start? The areas to focus your attention on should be obvious. But just in case they're not let me spell them out for you. That would be the front entrance as seen from the curb, your kitchen and the bath.

Plus you want to eliminate anything that might generate an "Oh Yuck" response on sight. Any flaw fitting that description has to be fixed, resolved or replaced. Be it an oil stain on the drive that rivals the Exxon Valdez oil spill. Or a set in Kool-aid stain sitting in the middle of the living room carpet.

So when you approach the front entrance what do you see? A gleaming mail box? Freshly painted door? Appealing flowers and other plantings? Or it is faded, aged, overgrown and over run?

When it comes to the baths what kind of impression will the side of the vanity next to the commode make? If it's anything less than awesome, replace it. Do the same with caulking around the tub or any faucet that's developed a chronic leak.

Moving to the kitchen what about the appliances? Think any could use an upgrade? You can get brand name appliances an a local outlet inexpensively and go a long way toward making your kitchen the one that's remembered for all the right reasons.

Before the listing hits the MLS, you want to get the deep cleaning and de-cluttering out of the way. It can't hurt to visit a model home to see what you're up against since that might be a good standard to compare to. Because you can bet some buyers will be doing just that. Comparing your house to a new build.

Anyone looking to speed up the sale would be wise to heed any of this advice. Because nothing impresses like a clean, spotless, freshly painted house. You're telegraphing it's been well maintained and is in move in ready condition. Which is the best way to sweep buyers off their feet. And the more of those you so sweep the sooner you'll find yourself in the former owner category. - 30230

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