Vegas Hotels On And Off The Strip

By Joseph Archibald

If you are thinking about going to Las Vegas for a break but are not only looking for a bit of the casino life but some peace and quiet too, then its a very good idea to consider some of the off-strip hotels. There are lots to choose from, many of which are about a mile or so from the strip so you can venture to the strip when you feel the wish.

Perhaps though you are looking for the old world charms - old colonial style buildings or some other historic period maybe. well if you think that Las Vegas is all modern hotels to suit the modern style casinos, you are in for a pleasant surprise. There are quite a lot of old traditional style buildings that have been converted into very tasteful hotels. Take your time and browse a Vegas hotel website and you will find some gems.

You may be thinking that Vegas is about modern-day hotels to match the modern-day casinos. Well yes and no.
If you care for a bit of the old-colonial style building work then you can find that in Vegas. Its a nice thought - sitting playing roulette (and winning of course) in the surroundings of a beautiful old colonial style building!

One good thing about modern buildings is that although they may be situated in a very built up and very busy and bustling area, they are very capable of excluding almost all surrounding noise.

One positive thing about modern buildings to note is that even though they may be located in town center, they are still great at noise reduction. Imagine being in a hotel on strip Vegas with single glazed windows and a plywood door?! Oh dear, no rest for you for sure! Modern day hotels tackle this problem very well indeed, fortunately enough!

Looking for a discount package? Off strip hotels are good for that as they are always in competition with the strip. As such almost any time of year offers you a number of good discount deals from some really nice hotels.

Even if you are struggling to find a fantastic deal, the hotel rates in Vegas (somewhat surprisingly perhaps) are competitive with other parts of the States. With so much local competition between hotels, you tend to find that the prices for rooms are keen no matter what time of year you wish to book.

So there you have it, in brief. It is possible to find really fine hotels that either offer you both the casino life and the quiet life, and some hotels that offer you just the quiet. If you prefer total quiet then off-strip Vegas is the place to be. Now, its time to find the hotel to suit your needs. - 30230

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