Learning Strategies for Texas Hold 'Em Poker

By Clive Patterson

As one of the most popular online and offline poker games, Texas Hold 'Em poker has seen an influx of players from around the globe. These players love the sport of Texas Hold 'Em poker because of the easy to learn nature and the ability to continue playing as they become more knowledgeable about the sport. An all encompassing game that allows for every skill level, Texas Hold 'Em poker is here to stay.

When learning to play Texas Hold 'Em it is important to learn the beginning rules before trying to learn any strategic plans. Learning strategies effectively will be based on the overall knowledge of the game.

Seeing the flop. In a normal hand of Texas Hold 'Em poker, the player should only see between 20 percent and 25 percent of the flops. Only the best of hands should be kept and bet on, all others should be spared for another hand. Waiting too long with a set of bad cards just means losing money and that is not the purpose of Texas Hold 'Em.

See the other players up close. Depending on the skill level of the other players in the game, the site of a card that betters their hand may shown like neon lights in their eyes. Watching the other players as the cards are turned, will help you to better gauge how they react to cards when they have bettered the Texas Hold 'Em poker hands they are holding.

Know the opponent. If playing with the same Texas Hold 'Em poker players over and over again, it will become easier to judge their style of play over time. If playing in a tournament, note the actions of the players, how they react to certain bid amounts and how they react in high intensity situations. These tips will give you an inside eye when you play against the same players again.

No bluffs here. Bluffing is not a professional tactic and it should not be a novice Texas Hold 'Em poker tactic either. The bluff can be left for friendly games and games where money is not on the line. When it comes to messing with your own real money, bluffing is not an advisable practice.

Fold early. Holding on to the wrong cards for that one extra chance is not worth the money you may lose. Texas Hold 'Em poker is all about winning money, not losing more money. If the hand you are dealt is not a solid hand with real potential, fold it. You will notice that many professionals rarely take a hand unless they KNOW that hand can play out for a few extra dollars.

The rules of Texas Hold 'Em poker are easy enough to learn even for a person who has never played poker. But, the strategies for the game are often left to the professional players. Before taking on any Texas Hold 'Em strategies, make sure you have a firm grasp of the basic rules of the game. Once you have mastered the game, you too can learn a few simple strategies to make your Texas Hold 'Em poker game a little closer to the pros. - 30230

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